sofisticato’s design draws from a brutalistic material palette paired with
artisanal craftsmanship in a contemporary look and feel.
designed in Antwerp. handmade in Belgium.


when light architect Koen Van Guijze decides to design his own light fixtures,
he can already count on 25 years of experience in the branche.

the need to create something for himself and in response to the requirements encountered on site working as an entrepreneur in his own lighting company, accessori lichtarchitectuur,
drive him to take on the challenge to design a lighting collection.

in close collaboration with a few fellow architects, the first sketches are put on paper.
inspired by minimal aestethics and wabi sabi influences, sofisticato’s design draws from a brutalistic material palette paired with artisanal craftsmanship, yet results in a contemporary look and feel.
key material of choice is warm and cold-rolled steel in a waxed finishing,
contrasting a soft touch with a rough look for a timeless character.

sofisticato is a total range of luminary solutions, adapted to various situations.
the collection consists of different types of pendant lights, wall, ceiling and rail apparents to table and floor lamps. Sofisticato also offers custom design made to measure, adapted to the specific features of the interior.

technical advisor Koen van Puyvelde, responsible for the internal parts, signs off the technical specifications. while interior designer Greg Bouvin is in charge of developing the 3D models and execution drawings intended for production.
designed in Antwerp.

each piece is made to order, parts are assembled by hand, one fixture at a time.
Sofisticato stands for a sustainable approach and all parts are recycable following the CE-standards. equipped with a 230V feed and suitable for LED lighting bulbs, the sofisticato range is very user- and environmental friendly.
handmade in Belgium

sofisticato catalogue