privacy and data collection policy

Accessori bvba is the data controller, hereinafter Accessori

Contacts details:, Helststraat 37 – 2630 Aartselaar, Belgium, Attn. Koen Van Guijze, Managing Director.

Accessori handles all personal data in accordance with applicable personal data laws. Accessori concludes agreements with customers and suppliers on the purchase and sale of various services and products. When a customer purchases Accessori’s services or products, and provides personal data, the customer also consents to the processing of their personal data by Accessori in accordance with the purpose for which the data was provided. This same applies to any personal data provided to Accessori by suppliers. Such data is collected by Accessori when a customer purchases services/products, or when suppliers provide products or services to Accessori, primarily through social media, e-mail, newsletter subscriptions or publicly available information.

Accessori typically collects the following personal data:

• Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and other common non-sensitive personal data.

• Purchase or supplier history.

• Data from customer surveys, subscriptions or newsletters

• Data from newsletter or social media competitions.

• Data from Accessori social media and other digital platforms.

• Data about a customer’s or supplier’s company and contact persons.

Customers/suppliers have the following rights in respect of their personal data:

• Access to personal data and request a copy of such information.

• Request correction and updating of personal data.

• Demand the deletion of personal data, subject to law. 

• Withdraw a consent to process personal data, subject to law.

Accessori reserves the right to reject any requests in respect of processing personal data which are of a harassing or repetitive nature, which require disproportionate technical measures, which impact the protection of other customers’ or suppliers’ personal data, or where it would be disproportionately resource-demanding or highly complicated to accommodate the request.

Accessori protects personal data from unauthorized disclosure. Only Accessori persons/employees who require access to the personal data in connection with their job function have access to this data. In some cases, Accessori may be required by law or by the order of a public authority to transfer personal data.

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Changes to this policy will be added as required.